Goizueta understands the challenges associated with online learning. That’s why we’ve designed our Executive Online MBA to mirror the in-person experience. From the interactivity of Global Classrooms to our focus on mentorship and experiential learning, it’s campus from the comfort of your own home.

With the Goizueta Executive Online MBA, you get flexibility, career clarity, leadership development, a network of contacts that spans the country, and so much more.

Global Classrooms

With multiple camera angles and state-of-the-art audio, faculty and students are able to see and hear each other through a wall of 20 to 40 high-definition monitors positioned with each student’s video feed, replicating the total interaction that used to only be possible in a live setting.

But more than simply “Zoom Plus,” Goizueta’s Global Classrooms allow for real-time data capture, allowing the professors to better get the feel of their rooms, as well as greater flexibility and collaboration through break-out room options, white-board technology, and sharing of common assets to store files and presentations. This is not just adaptation, this is innovation. 

With three next-generation Global Classrooms currently being used, as well as holopresence technology and AR and VR initiatives being integrated, Goizueta is poised to take digital learning to the next level by providing business professionals with a truly immersive, dynamic experience from anywhere in the world.

Goizueta’s Global Classrooms are the future of business education, today.

Career Services

At Goizueta, we are here to help you define your future, wherever you may find yourself along your career journey. Extensive on-boarding, a collaborative cohort structure, an engaged alumni network, and robust career resources ensure your online MBA experience is a valuable one.

Our Graduate Career Management Center provides every Executive MBA student with year-round access to a dedicated career coach, providing you with 100% personalized mentoring. You can expect your Goizueta career coach to be available when you are, help you evaluate your career options, guide you on information sources and support, and help you stay accountable to your action plan.

Our team is designed and staffed to support the individual career needs of the working Executive MBA student. We measure our success by yours.

For students undertaking a career search during the program or upon graduation, our Advanced Career Transitions program provides skills development and preparation workshops, including:

  • Career Action Planning
  • Personal Branding
  • Resume & LinkedIn Refresh
  • Effective Interviewing
  • Networking Strategies
  • Salary Research & Negotiation

Networking is a crucial aspect of any EMBA program. Not only will you become become a member of a group of 141,000 worldwide Emory alumni immediately upon graduation, an engaged and supportive network that can open all types of doors, but Goizueta’s Executive Online MBA takes pride in offering virtual access during your course of study to events designed to provide industry and alumni connections, including:

  • Orientation
  • Fun on the Green Event
  • Pathway to C-suite Event
  • Global Business Trip
  • Executive Skills Week
  • Alumni Pop-ups Event Career Management
  • Career Management
  • Graduation

Our graduates work here

Students and Alumni

Not only have our faculty worked for some of the world’s most prestigious and successful companies, so too do your classmates. In your day-to-day interactions, you’ll benefit from the value added by your peers' unique experiences and strengths.

Qaadirah Abdur-Rahim

11EMBA, Chief Equity Officer at City of Atlanta

Raghav Balasubramanian

19EMBA, Senior Director at Change Healthcare

Courtney Campbell

16EMBA, Strategic Finance Officer at SunTrust Bank

Andrew Davis

08EMBA, EVP & Global CHRO at Sony Music Entertainment

Mark Dewey

16EMBA, Senior Vice President at Strandview Capital

Angela Fusaro

17EMBA, Co-Founder at Physician 360

Michael Hernandez

08EMBA, Executive Director Real Estate Development at Qiddiya

Rani Huang

12EMBA, President, COO, & Co-Founder at RayBiotech, Inc.

Sanjoy Rath

13EMBA, Enterprise Cloud Migration Leader at Dell

Leandro Wartelski

16EMBA, Director International Operations at LW Chocolatier

Jolie Weber

09EMBA, CEO at Lenny & Larry's

Tiffany Willis

15EMBA, Vice President of Investor Relations at Starbucks